St. Andrew’s Experience

5 Year Olds

Transitional Kindergarten Program     5 days/week, morning only

for children who would benefit from an extra year before Kindergarten

Kindergarten Enrichment Program     4 days/week, afternoon only

– supplement to an outside morning Kindergarten program

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 4 Year Olds

Four Year Old Program     4 days/week, Monday through Thursday

Science & Math Academy     1 day/week, Friday

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3 Year Olds

Three Year Old Program     2 or 3 days/week

Literacy Lab     1 day/week, Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon

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Toddlers – 18 months to 2½ year olds

Toddler Program     2 days/week, afternoon only

– Children must be 2 1/2 years old by October 1st (2 years by April 1st).

Mother’s Morning Out     1 day/week, morning only

– Children must be 2 years old by October 1st.

Parent Toddler Program     1 day/week, Monday morning or Friday morning

– Children must be 18 – 35 months old by October 1st

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