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The Transitional Kindergarten Class was wonderful. Our son had a great year. He learned a lot, had fun and made new friends. I couldn’t be happier. The teachers are not only great teachers, but just great ladies. I can’t say enough positive things about you, your staff, your school. – Kim Heebner

Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten Program provides a continuing creative and challenging program for children who would benefit from additional time before entering Kindergarten. Emphasis is on first hand experiences and discovery through individual and group involvement. The class provides the extra time that some children require for growth in any one or more of the following developmental areas: intellectual, emotional, social or physical. The focus of the class is to develop the whole child which is imperative for success in future schooling. The program is designed to emphasize exploration and skill building in the areas of reading readiness, math, science, fine and gross motor development, music and art.

A child who is five by October 1st is eligible for this class. The class is led by two teachers and meets five half days each week.

Reading Readiness:

  • Language Arts: encouraging children to verbalize thoughts in a group; writing and illustrating stories (child dictating-teacher transcribing); developing vocabulary; gaining awareness of print concepts
  • Left to right progression
  • Auditory Discrimination: hearing likenesses and differences in common sounds and rhythms; recognizing beginning sounds of words; rhyming
  • Visual Discrimination: seeking likenesses and differences in letters, words, pictures and geometric designs.
  • Phonics: identifying letters and their sounds
  • Listening Comprehension: sequencing; following single and multi-step directions; recalling facts and story details; answering questions such as “why,” “how” and “what do you think”


  • Understanding number sense, quantity and simple addition & subtraction concepts
  • Sequencing and patterns
  • Graphing (ways to collect and analyze data)
  • Geometry and spatial sense


  • Observation, classification and experimentation
  • Predicting and testing those predictions
  • Drawing conclusions and communicating learning

Creative Arts:

Utilization of a variety of media with emphasis on developing self-expression and creativity; supporting creative approaches to learning that are integrated throughout the curriculum

Kindergarten Enrichment Program

The Kindergarten Enrichment Program is designed for children currently enrolled in a half day public/private school Kindergarten Class. Our Kindergarten Enrichment program provides a hands-on, play based learning environment with a creative and challenging curriculum that includes the forgotten “fun” part of Kindergarten. This class will enhance your child’s growth and learning by adding experiences that will enrich his/her skills – academically, emotionally, socially and physically. It is not intended to provide duplication or acceleration of your child’s existing Kindergarten program.

The daily activities are centered around themed approaches to learning through multi-sensory, hands on fun! Reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical activities are incorporated into each day’s routine. Each child will work independently as well as individually with one of the teachers. As one of our continuing goals is to help build a positive self-image in your child, we encourage each child to progresses at his/her own rate to avoid pressure and frustration. When self-confidence is developed, a sense of independence will follow. Learning by first-hand experience will lead to increasing your child’s curiosity, which will lead to further learning.

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