Four Year-Old Program

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St. Andrew’s Nursery School has managed to provide our 2 very different children with exactly the early childhood education experience they needed. The staff has truly become like family – providing a safe, caring, and fun place to learn, play, and explore. – Krista Peters

Four Year-Old Program

Our Four Year-Old Program is designed to prepare children who are four by October 1st for Kindergarten. The children must indicate a readiness to benefit from a group experience. Classes are available morning or afternoon, and meet either 4 or 5 days each week. Developing the whole child- intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically- is the basis of our program. The curriculum is play-based and technology enhanced, allowing each child to be an active, engaged learner. Independence is fostered and encouraged. Requests from public school Kindergarten teachers have been incorporated into our curriculum.

Cognitive Goals:

  • Recognition of upper case letters and beginning word sounds
  • Recognition of rhyming words
  • Shape recognition
  • Recognition of numbers 0-20
  • Counting sequentially
  • One to one correspondence
  • Recognizing, reading and extending patterns


  • Cooperative play – sharing and taking turns
  • Increased attention spans and listening skills
  • Following single and multi-step directions
  • Developing communication skills


  • Increased sense of independence
  • Development of a positive self-image (“I can do it myself”)
  • Gaining a sense of responsibility


  • Increased gross motor skills – running, hopping, jumping, climbing, sliding, balancing and alternating feet on the stairs
  • Increased fine motor skills – tracing, drawing, cutting, coloring, painting, gluing, zippering, buttoning, and beading
  • Developing a proper pencil grasp

Science and Math Academy – Four Year-Old Enrichment Program on Friday

The Science and Math Academy is designed to introduce and explore science and math in the world around us. Concepts are introduced in an interactive way using a hands-on approach and multisensory experiences!!

Early exposure to math concepts help children learn to organize their thoughts through prediction, reasoning and discovery.

Children also explore the natural world of science. This program extends the preschool experience with an opportunity to learn, in-depth, about many of the fascinating things in our world, as well as to take part in scientific experiments.

There is always an adventure waiting to happen in the Science & Math Academy!

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